I2S Ethernet connection from Antipodes to Aqua La Scala Optilogic dac

Can I use I2S Ethernet connection from K50 to Aqua La Scale Optilogic 11 Dac which has I2S Ethernet input.

I have a K50 on demo from my
dealer who thought like I did they would be compatible but has told me now they are not compatible as there is not a combination on the dip switches to make it work.

Can you confirm for me please .

Hi there, it appears the Aqua uses a different pin configuration for AQLink.

The K50 uses LVDS on HDMI and LVCMOS on RJ45

LVDS is faster than CMOS. Single ended vs. differential: Differential signals are resistant to common mode noise which single ended techniques are susceptible to, and there are less EMI concerns. Additionally, differential signals have better rise and fall time.

According to various forums a custom cable can work, however I can’t give advice on that sorry.

So long story short, the K50 won’t work with the Aqua I2S ethernet, unless someone can magic a cable.


This was helpful as I just ordered the Aqua Formula HD. I will stick with the digital connections.

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Hi everyone, I have K50 on trial from a dealer which they said I would be able to connect via I2S Ethernet connection to my Aqua La Scala Optilogic dac to the K50 via I2S connection but apparently they are not compatible so I would appreciate any advice on AES/EBU cables that anyone has experience with as I want to get away from USB as have tried various USB cables but think I can do better. Appreciate comments.

See this thread: https://antipodes.support/t/does-anyone-else-use-aes3-on-their-k50-if-so-what-cable-do-you-use/

The wiring of the (hdmi type)cable is different depending on the protocol of the player/DAC. Typically these are adjustable via dip switches. You should get the pin out from Aqua and Antipodes. I’m sure Mr Cole will be along in the morning. Aqua/the dealer should know exactly what is needed. If they don’t… says something. I found Aqua pretty helpful

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I realize that the I2 squared connection is not standardized but has anyone had experience or tried a connection of an S20 relocker via I2 squared to an Aqua La Scala or any Aqua dac? Your thoughts would be appreciated…

The S20 has I2S over HDMI, looks like the La Scala takes this over RJ45, might need a K50 for this job :slight_smile:

Yeah. You’re correct. Too bad because I’d love to find an alternative to the Aqua Linq that’s less expensive and would run I2S to the Aqua.

For connection via AQ Link, see pin to pin spec.
Note that the RJ45 cable will have an Aqua end and an Antipodes end (Std RJ45)and needs to be installed the right way round.


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