I2S issues with PS audio Direct Stream Dac

Hi there I am a new antipodes user and have some issue with the I2s connected in combination with the PS Audio Direct Stream Dac
blinking-issue from the display.

This is what PS Audio is saying

If both supplies are nominally 5V and neither one can sync current (e.g. most LDO’s including the one in the DS) then the one that puts out the greatest voltage (if only slightly) powers the boxes on both sides, I suspect that your source can’t power all of the 5V needs in the DS and so it’s under strain when the DS is off. The DS has a poly fuse on the 5V I2S line so if the device on the other end of the HDMI cable draws too much current (more than, say, 100mA) the poly fuse will open the circuit, but it will close again later when it cools down. You really want to cut the power off from pin 18 on one side or the other. If you are handy with the soldering iron you can remove the poly fuse in the DS (F60 and F61) or do what you need to on the other end.

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We have had this before with PS Audio Direct Stream, what the client did was isolate pin 18 on the HDMI connector.
It is the way that PS Audio have implemented I2S in this particular device.

I have a PS Audio original DirectStream, not modded, that for a bit I used with I2S from my K50. It produced the best sound quality I had experienced with the DirectStream. That was before AMSv4 rolled out. I used a WireWorld Starlight HDMI cable. The DirectStream is currently not connected in the system. I am guessing that a new Preset would need to be configured in Solution now with AMSv4, but possibly Mark can weigh in further on this.

This is a well-known problem.
Mark is right.
You can avoid this by indeed isolating the +5V pin of the hdmi cable.

I2S causes flashing display

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I solved the problem by carefully inserting a small piece of Melinex® Polyester film into the hdmi connector.
(Used at the PSaudio side)

I contacted Pinkfaun if they could isolate pin 18 in there cable. They told me that pin 18 is not connected in the DS.
So I,am confused. Send PS a mail hoop to get a answer soon. I will try to isolate pin 18 on the cable I’am using at this moment

Pin 18 is connected in the PSaudio DS MKI.
Try the isolation of pin 18 and see that the problem is solved.

Do you have another HDMI cable, even low cost, on hand you can use to further test?

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I bought the Pink Faun I2S kabel . Because the are handmade I ordered one without pin 18. No problems anymore and a great sound.

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FWIW, I never had any issues with I2S to the DS (mine had the transformer mod, which is not relevant here I think) from a CX / EX / P2. I was able to play back up to DSD256 (if I recall correctly) and had not problems using a PS Audio AC12 or AQ Firebird HDMI cable.

Perhaps the implementation of I2S HDMI in the K50 is different?

Quite clear that this is a PS Audio issue.