I2s over HDMI on DX3/Oladra

I am trying to get this working on my newly upgraded DX3/Oladra box with a new Tubulus Argentus , and neither HDMI port are being recognized as outputs on the player dashboard, and is not seen by my DAC.

USB output is working fine.

Is there something I need to do to enable this?

Note that my DAC supports I2S from the HDMI port using PS Audio Standard.

I think you will find that the HDMI ports on a DX3 are for maintenance connections only and do not support I2S. You would need an Antipodes S20 for I2S.

I was wondering about that. There are no Maintenance Only labels on it, however.

Windyb is correct, there is no I2S output on the DX3, the HDMI is for maintenance monitor use only.
An S20 would be required.

I2s over HDMI on DX3/Oladra How do you like the upgraded DX/3 Olddra. I own a DX3 and am considering the upgrade for my second system ( I own the K50 for my main system ) —

It seems very good. Mostly this week I have been streaming it to my office desk setup, which is a simple Icon2 and old Tannoy monitors. But yesterday I listened a bunch on my main system, and it sounds very nice - very dynamic.