Included a switch after the direct Ethernet out on my CX

Hi - FYI really. I’ve just added a Netgear Switch after the Ethernet output on my CX to go the my speakers directly. The Dutch & Dutch 8c’s are roonready so all my system consists of is them and a AMS-CX server. I’m effectively using the switch as a splitter for the two IP addresses needed; one for each speaker.

Much to my surprise there is a significant gain in sound quality by using the above method.

@MarkCole do you know if doing this has been experimented with before and if it’s OK or recommended to split the direct ethernet output out via a switch? I can still access all the controls and room correction software of the D&D 8C’s via the dedicated app, so everything is working 100%

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Just installed a new switch which requires 5V 0.6a and has a 1mb buffer.
Its powered via USB from the CX so has a super clean supply:

The Ethernet output from the CX goes into socket 5 and then 2 ports out (sockets 1 & 2) to each speaker creating an isolated mini network walled behind the CX.

So it really does offer something. Subjectively saying; it sounds more resolved / relaxed / cleaner / smoother with finer macro detail and layering deep down in the mix.

The buffer certainly stores and forwards packets, as an experiment I disconnected the Ethernet cable from the CX and music continued to play for approx. 10 seconds.

Congrats! If you want to take it a bit further, this is a very affordable linear power supply that might help a bit. These are available in a few different voltages so be sure to pick the right one.

Another thing you can try is to run a span of fiber to your switch. You should hear further improvements in the areas you mentioned.

The power to the switch comes from the CX’s ‘power on’ USB port, so is probs the best supply it can get.
I also have a Plex HD 300w (surplus to requirements) Linear PSU which I’ve not tried, but that’s also an option - albeit a little overkill for a 5v 0.6A (max 3w) draw.

That is true. Very nicely done.


So now I’ve got a fair few familiar albums listened too, there’s a distinct improvement; it sounds warmer, more analog / realistic / tangible, the soundstage has improved and layering’s better defined. I’d recommend this little tweak to anyone who’s using the Ethernet output.

Probably the best £22 I’ve sent in a while :smiley:

Congrats on your tweak.

You could try powering the switch with a USB power bank, I use one for my WAP.

I am pretty sure you could do a lot better than that Netgear. Non audiophile switch - see Mikrotik SFP+. Otherwise Bonn 8, EtherRegen …

And of course consider good Ethernet cables.

I’m not a believer in Audiophile Ethernet cables or switches - the data is in buffered packets. its stored and moved. Its not a bit-stream

Every switch has an oscillator (clock) that paces this movement. A key benefit of audiophile switches is they substitute a lower noise oscillator.

I understand your position but just wanted to throw that out there.

There’s plenty of reports of switches making a difference. CISCO 2960 being a 25$ example. I consider myself a scientist. I know my knowledge is limited in this field, so I view reported evidence with more credence. There’s no doubt in my mind, it can make a difference. It doesn’t cost much to find out fortunately.

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The TP-Link TL-SG105 is reportedly (online review) the No 1 switch on the market.
It just so happens to be 5v so was a win-win for me.

The cool thing about being sentient is that we can put our beliefs to the test and thus allow experience, and not dogma, to be our guide.


Thanks for that. Will you be using it with an LPS?

I see there is a TP-Link TL-SG105S. Do you know what the difference is? They are both about £15 so well worth a play for not much money.

All I can say is that I hear very clear differences in sound with my K50 when connected to my router using different switches. The two ‘audiophile’ ones I tried were the EtherRegen and the PhoenixNET and they were also quite different in sound. The latter one was the only one which to my ears was the same sound as not connecting the K50 at all to the ethernet (ie pulling the the ethernet cable mid track). The ER had an effect that I could see some people liking but to me it was a coloured sound as opposed to an accurate one. All the non audiophile ones I tried (a mixture of various Netgear and Cisco) gave various degrees of hardening to the sound.

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Hi, no the whole reason for finding a switch with a 5V supply is so it can be powered by the AMS CX server via its ‘power on’ USB port.