Installing HQPlayer (step by step)

I know that the topic has already been raised a few times regarding installing and purchasing the software. But in our forum everything is scattered and confusing when it comes to HQPlayer and its installation. Can someone explain to me (step by step) how installing HQPlayer works? Activating on my K50. Using Roon. Is it enough to activate the slider under Roon settings for HQPLAYER and you will be redirected from there for the installation? Is there a guide from Antipodes? Didn’t find any. Activating HQPlayer + Roon Server in the dashboard is self-explanatory. Buy “HQPlayer 5 Embedded for Linux” software under Signalyst? How to open the HQPlayer sound settings page later, under the Roon signal path?

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HQPlayer embedded is already installed. It defaults to demo mode, which allows it to run for 30 minutes so one can evaluate it.

You can access the HQPlayer settings from the Antipodes dashboard. You will be prompted for a username and password. It’s admin admin.

I recommend searching online to find instructions on how best to configure it. If you search here for my posts, I have provided some additional guidance. The search capabilities here are excellent so you shouldn’t have trouble getting up to speed.