Is it possible to stream digital audio from outside of player/server?

I use Qobuz and couple of other streaming services for which there are no native support in either HQPlayer or Roon. These services typically have android or ios apps or can be streamed from their sites on web browser. They are not internet radio.
For antipodes is it possible to input digital audio signal from outside and have some server/player like HQPlayer upsample and render that signal? The easiest thing would be if I could directly put signal from my PC/Mac or one the android DAPs that can natively support those two apps/streaming services.


QObuz can be accessed from Roon and from HQPlayer:

I am mostly concerned about the other streaming services that are not supported and potentially won’t be supported because they are small and niche streaming. Qobuz has support in most of the server/players.
Basically, does any antipodes model have digital in?

There is a possible way for this by using NAA as input backend, but it’s not very comfortable with rate switching. Auto rate switching is only implemented by Jussi with RME ADI2 devices.

Without these devices you’ll have to switch the input stream according to the bitrate of the source manually. Which is not very comfortable if streaming playlists with bitrate change between the titles. But it’s possible, I’m using this feature.

You can read the thread on Roonlabs community: Using any audio source with HQPlayer - Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Soundcloud - HQ Player - Roon Labs Community


Shairport is an open source version of Airplay so you would be able to stream from iOS to that.

As far as HQPlayer, your best bet is posting on Audiophile Style’s Software forum. There’s a thread there dedicated to HQPlayer. Mention that you are using the embedded version of HQPlayer.