Is K50 a Roon core?

Hi folks. I’m new and liking the Antipodes sound but might need some advice.

I used to have just a Roon Nucleus which operated very simply, but was limited in outputs. I never needed to have my desktop PC serve as a core with this device as it was in itself a Core.

One of the key decisions for wanting to purchase the K50 was not only for its sound, but my wife will often be using this PC while I’m listening to music and she will sometimes close the open Roon program app and the music will stop.

Before buying a new K50, it was my understanding that I would no longer need that PC to act as a core and would no longer need to depend on that program being compromised while she was working, yet when I installed the K50 tonight, I closed the Roon program on the PC and everything stopped !

I am either not understanding how this works , the terminology or have something set up wrong?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks, Greg.

The K50 has both the server and player functions. Think of them as 2 separate devices into one single box.

You can set the k50 server to be the core, which you no longer would need the PC but you would still need a “remote control” to toggle through songs via roon such as an IPAD or PC. This basically would be making use of your “player” on the K50, the second separate device.

Go to My Antipodes and make sure your server and player are both set as roon if you want core to be on the server side of the k50, and for roon to be used on the player side.

I highly suggest you just schedule a remote session with support as they take pride in support. You can also ask some questions for better understanding while they sort it out with you on the remote session. Most of the owners, myself included have always been helped with more than satisfactory experiences.

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You should see upon opening the “My Antipodes” website something that looks like the above with separate IP Addresses for Server & Player. With music playing, shutting down the Roon interface on your PC, or even turning the PC off entirely should have no effect & music should continue playing entirely uninterrupted. You should also be able to seamlessly hand over control between your P.C & iPad & more than one control device can even be used at the same time.

Are you U.K based? If so, then telephone Elite Audio & ask for Barry (their resident tech guru), he’ll run you through any queries you have in a matter of minutes. :slightly_smiling_face:

But first you have to select the server part and then select Roon. Upon first use log in to your Roon account. Then the player should be able to play Roon.

I assume you allready have a device as a remote control, as in the old setup with pc running as Roon core.

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Corretion on this last post, you seem to use the pc as a remote control.

Choose a tablet or smartphone as alternative and install the free Roon control app. Setup for K50 server as mentioned in my earlier post.

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Ok. To all who chimed in, thank you very very much. I figured out that I needed to handoff the core that the PC was upstairs doing duty for and reconnect by assigning the K50 to handle that function. Seems to be working great. I closed out the program in the PC and it did not affect or interrupt the signal whatsoever. Again, many thanks. I’m learning as I go here !!!


Hi there the best way to get a full understanding is to check out our video guides.