Is USB 5v power required for S30 to S20 connection?


Greetings: I’m looking to upgrade the USB cable between my S30 and S20 units. Is the 5v power supply line required for this coupling? Some USB cables are data only and do not include the 5v power line. Thanks for the input.

Hi there, in the old USB 2.0 standard you could indeed remove the 5v, so if you had a older DAC for example this may work.
However the standard has changed, devices now require the 5v to comply with the USB 2.0 standard.
Put simply the S20 will not work without 5v.

Thanks Mark - much appreciated!

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Hi , if your signal is going to be reclocked do you need to upgrade the cable ?
Just wondering ? As I have a a s40 / s 60 and the s20 is next on my list.

A good quality cable is always recommended :+1:
However is not needed for operation