It is possible to rip to wav format?


I have a K50 and I bought a Asus external CD Drive to rip my CDs.

I am starting to rip some of my CDs, but I realize the rips are in flac format.

It is possible to rip to wav format ?

Thank you for your help.

Nuno Sousa

Hi there, no, using an Antipodes Server to rip music, the default standard is uncompressed FLAC.
This cannot be changed.
If you require WAV suggest PC or Mac

Thank you for your help.

I have another question.

My K50 is connected to a switch that is connected to the main router.

However, my Windows PC is connected to another router (Asus) which is also connected to the main router.

I can access the K50 server through “myantipodes”, but I cannot add the K50 server to the network of my Windows PC.

Can you help me with this issue.

Thank you

I was thinking of ripping via PGGB to .wav on my PC using a SSD attached externally, then putting that SSD into the K50. Is that the best way to do it?

No, that will wipe all the rips. When you install any type of new hard drive it formats it.
You need to rip the music to USB, have the drive in the K50, then transfer the music to the drive in the K50, either over the network via a mapped drive or via USB directly connected to the K50


I see. Thanks very much, cereal_killer. I’ll try it that way.

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Did you use the Asus plugged into the K50 to do the ripping ?
Would any external drive work ?


Dec '21

To answer your questions, any USB external drive will work on an Antipodes server.
The Antipodes drive is an industrial drive, designed for lots of use, also it is M-Disc quality designed to read pits 1/10th the size of a CD pit, so it is very accurate, this indeed can make for a more accurate rip, combined with the software.
The speed is dictated by the software and the quality of the disc being read.
If you have a very nice disc, the ripping process can take 10-20 mins as it is re-read in Paraniod mode, if the disc has errors it will reduce speed and re-read until an accurate rip is obtained, this is for the Antipodes ripper or any other manufacturers ripper.

Is the Antipodes external CD Drive (K10) already available for order ?

I believe that with the 2022 model changes, the K10 was actually dropped from the line up.