K22 and Roon: how to get Roon to show my uploaded flac files?

I have a K22 connected to my DAC. I have set up the K22 using Roon Auto. I have added storage in the form of a Samsung SSD, and I have then uploaded all my flac files from my Windows laptop hard drive into the K22 File Manager. I have put them in the flac folder under Music. In total there are 7000+ flac files there.

I then restarted Roon in both the Server and Player dashboards.

I note from the instruction manual that I mustn’t set up any Watched folders in Roon, because the K22 will somehow find them automatically. So in Roon / Settings / Storage I have ‘Disabled’ in red text appearing under Music Folder.

Is that what I’m supposed to do? Because when I open Roon on my laptop none of the flac files on the Samsung SSD have appeared.

Or in fact am I actually supposed to select Enable from the Three Dots menu next to Music Folder?

Enable it. I believe that the instruction manual needs to be updated to indicate that one should not create any additional watched folders beyond the Music Folder.

Thanks for your help. I have enabled this, and Roon tells me that it has imported 5000 tracks. When I checked the Skipped Tracks folder there is nothing listed. However, if I right click on the Music folder on my Windows laptop to check Properties, it says that there are 7,741 Files in 868 Folders, with a total of 142GB. Roon says it has 5000 tracks from 600 albums, and the K22 Library Storage tells me that 123GB has been used.

So…why these discrepancies? I understand that in Windows 7,741 files doesn’t mean 7,741 music tracks, as presumably some of that total is due to album art etc. But would that really account for the difference between 7,741 and 5,000? And the difference between 142GB and 123GB? Because that’s quite a lot of data.

Best to post that one on Roon’s support forum.

I don’t think it’s a Roon issue. I spent around three hours today cross checking all my music tracks and albums (on my laptop hard drive) against what appeared in Roon on the K22. I found over 900 flac music tracks which hadn’t made the transfer across my network from my laptop to the K22 hard drive.

I uploaded them folder by folder, and reached the point where the amount of music data on my laptop hard drive matched the data on the K22 SSD, i.e. around 140 GB. So I’m now confident that it’s now all there.

There wasn’t any sort of pattern to the tracks or albums which failed to make the transfer. It was all completely random.

My recommendation to anyone who wants to transfer a large batch of music data into a K22 to check very carefully whether all the data actually made it.

A synch application is best for this. I use Chronosync on Mac. This keeps a folder on my NAS in sync with the storage on my Antipodes. When I add music, I add it to the NAS folder. The sync tool runs on a schedule to keep them in sync.

This method actually turns my Antipodes into a backup destination. After the sync runs, I have two exact copies of my music.


You aren’t alone, I had the same problem as yourself with transfer, as did a friend of mine. My advice to anyone encountering similar problems & without adopting any other software, is simply to transfer in smaller batches.

I’m not sure why I encountered the problem & hadn’t ever encountered that with previous servers, but small batches of data seem to transfer perfectly, whereas larger transfers did not.

I’ve no idea why that’s the case & I’m not saying other software wouldn’t help (& nor am I in a position to do so), but certainly transferring in small batches cured the problem in my case, as it did with my friend with his Antipodes unit…

I agree, small batches will be the way for me to go in the future.