K30 not powering up

I switched my equipment rack off at the wall and as soon as I’d done it I realized I’d not powered down my K30 and now it won’t restart, no lights, nothing.

Checked both fuses and they seem fine.

Someone please tell me this will be an easy fix…

I know that this may seem silly, but I’ve seen it before, have you checked that there is power actually coming out of the wall socket, by testing with another device.
When checking the fuses did you reinstall the fuse holder the correct way, so it shows the correct voltage for your location?

Hi Mark,

Not silly at all but yes I tried another power cord and another wall socket, still nothing. I’ve plugged an old power amp into the same and it powered up fine so the K30 is getting power to it. I found a You Tube clip showing how to check fuses on the IEC inlet as I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly and not damage anything so yes we have it reinstalled correctly.

Can somenone get back to my email sent this morning please.

Please contact support@antipodes.audio
It does sound like fuses

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