K41 arriving after Christmas - Naim Rips, what to do? WAV

Hi all, just found the forum while trying to view the user guide. looks to be some really good stuff to read through.

i have a K41 on route after Christmas, and will be looking to move my music across from my Naim HDX to my K41. looking for advice as the Naim rips in wav with metadata saved to a txt file. ideally i want to keep it in wav, it takes a age to convert to flac and the wav rips sound better on my current system

anyone out there moved from a naim to a k41 or other Antipodes?

looking forward, will be my first venture into roon and Quboz.

happy christmas eve all

WAV will play just fine from your K41. What could be an issue though is if Naim didn’t embed those tags into the files themselves. There are apps that can do that for you.

I moved from a Naim userve to a k50. I converted all my files from wav to flac, prior to transferring from NAS to K50. Mainly because of the proprietary Naim wav format, it took a lot longer to transfer the files from the NAS to the K50 than it did to convert. Flac files played through K50 sound much better than wav via userve. Enjoy your Roon and qobuz journey. I did and still am.

thanks for the reply do you think the WAV files on the k50 would sound better than the flac? don’t want to loose quality, i am glad there k50 sound much better than the userve my budget did not allow for the k50

i am going to use my DAC as a roon endpoint, and maybe add a k22 if funds allow

I also have the K50. And I compared FLAC (Compression 5) with WAV. WAV is clearly better. I don’t own Naim. Back then I made my WAV rips with the Trigon Chronolog Server. But I had to edit/tag all files with MP3 tags afterwards. But I didn’t care. Sound takes precedence. Today I do rips on the computer using DBpoweramp. Also directly into WAV. However, many manufacturers still swear by FLAC. Which is OK. But, they use or recommend FLAC Compression zero. Near WAV sound and the metadata are securely embedded. This is also possible with WAV, but not every server handles WAV files in the same way and they cannot be written to as extensively (tags). I think WAV reaches its limits with classical music due to its metadata. I don’t care about anything. WAV sounds better. The K50 also reacts to this. At most, try FLAC Compression zero vs. WAV. I haven’t tried it myself yet. You would then have to convert all files to FLAC Compression zero. Also applies to purchased Hires music. Really annoying. But you can do everything with DBpoweramp. I convert all of my purchased Hires downloads to WAV. And DBpoweramp takes all metadata with it.

think i will be doing a copy of the wav and adding data with the perfect tunes app from dbpoweramp, and copying that to my k41.

then using the original wav rips again and using my HDX to do a conversion of the WAV’s to Flac, and copy that across swell.

will report back in.

wednesday will be the day.

looking at wav naim vs flac naim vs flac ripped to k41

well the flac conversion is still going on, 6 days in and its slowly getting done

the test on a few albums was little to no difference, but my system is still bedding in

what is the best cable (cat 6 6a 7 8) to run from my k41 to my tambaqui? thinking shielding etc

or should they both be to a switch (no budget to get a english electric or any hifi switch at the moment)