K50 Break-In Duration?

In the Stereophile K50 review Mark stated the K50 requires 2 months for break-in. However, total hours were not specified.

How many hours have you determined are required before the K50 opened up, settled in and stopped changing sonically?

Approximately 200 hours

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I am burning in a new K50. I have it set to play music on repeat from the locally stored music on its SSDs. We are just over three weeks (500hrs) into that process and it is beginning to change but is not yet there compared to a 6 month old K50 that I have set next to it. For me it is not so much an ‘opening up’ process and is more like what I experienced with my Sean Jacobs ARC6 power supply for the Dave where it initially sounded strident then calmed down into a lovely smooth and detailed sound.

I’m 2 weeks into burn in on the K30 and I’ve noticed the highs are becoming more defined. Could also be brain :fire:. :laughing:

I’ve also found that once a week it is beneficial to put all devices in standby and remove the supply cords (mscaler, tt2, not K30). Then reinsert and reboot. Opens up the sound.

The new K50 has now been running and processing music since 23 Dec. That is about 650 hrs. It is still a bit strident compared with the well run in 6 month old K50 sat next to it but it continues to get better. In particular the BNC output is coming on nicely (this is into an Mscaler + ARC6 Dave and playing Squeeze/Squeezelite - no Roon!). I wonder if BNC will end up being my favourite output on this one. Last night it was beating the USB and Optical outputs.

There is still a way to go but the change in the sound so far has been significant. Patience is a virtue and will reward those who wait, as they say.

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