K50 - Fuses question

I’m upgrading my fuses to SR, just a quick question:
There are two fuses in the holder…is one a spare?
Or are they both used? For example, is there one for the sever side and one for the player side?
Thanks guys.

With my CX and EX combination both fuses are in use. No spares.
And important to insert them in the wright direction.


Mar '22

The fuses we use are as below…

0001.2508 Shurter Fuses


Hold the red connector the way you would in order to insert it into the receptacle.

On the right side the direction is from the back to the front. On the left side the direction is from the front to the back. This is true whether 115v or 230v. But in some countries you are wise to also try reversing the polarity of the power cord (EU for example and that is easy to do with a Schuko) because of how they separate the phases of their power delivery.

From an earlier post in another thread.

Thanks for clarifying Gert…

Just out of interest does anybody know which section of the K50 each fuse protects?

Since both fuses are in the live and neutral circuit of the AC power I guess they both protect all sections at once.

Thanks for the reply Gert…

Please be aware that not all servers are equipped with fuses. Additionally, alongside the G4 lineup, we can include Oladra.