K50 i2s port HDMI convert to RJ45

I have an Antipodes K50 with a HDMI port for i2s digital output.
Just had a i2s module installed on my Sonnet Morpheus DAC and now find that l need to convert from the HDMI out to RJ45 port on the input.
I’ve seen simple converters on the internet but the pin configuration could well be incompatible.
Alternatively do l need someone to make up a cable with the different plugs?
Would appreciate opinions and advice.

As far as I know Tubulus (Dutch firm) can make these cables from i2s hdmi to i2s rj45. Pin configuration of at least Metrum Acoustics can be fond on different pictures on internet. Sonnet could be the same, because of its origin.

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I can get the pins configured easy enough agreed.
Thanks for the tip. :+1: