K50 Manage Storage Does Not Find Disk

I received a K50 today. During the set-up process, following the video guide, I installed a Samsung 870 EVO SATA III SSD 1TB 2.5” Internal Solid State Hard Drive.

The K50 does not find the disk.

I powered down the K50 using the front button, and turned off the power on the back of the unit. Powered up and restarted the K50. Same result. Repeated the process several times.

Also, it’s extremely hard to remove the SSD. In fact, I had to use pliers to pull it out.

Please assist. Thank you.

I went through the same thing with my K30. It had to be sent in for repair as it seemed that the SATA board might have failed. @MarkCole had me pop the lid first though just confirm all the cables were properly seated as they can come loose in shipping. Your best bet is to reach out to him.

All K series devices include a SSD removal tool in the accessory box, made specifically for pulling SSDs out, pliers should not be required.

As far as the drive not showing up, is the drive new?
Has it been firmly seated while the unit is off.

Please email support@antipodes.audio

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The ssd removal tool is the best accessory ever!

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When I had to pull the drives from my K30, I struggled to use my fingers to pull it. So I looked in the manual to see if there was a provision to eject it somehow. Ultimately I put some masking tape on the ends of a pair of pliers to minimize damage to the case of my SSDs.

I had maybe seen the SSD removal tool when I first looked in the accessory box but as there was nothing in there that I needed I just placed it back in the box. It never occurred to me to look in there for a tool.

Kudos to @Progisus for spotting the tool. His mention of it on HeadFi the other day was the first I thought I heard of it.

My SSDs only a bit scratched so no big deal.

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Yes! I remember when I received my K50 finding that tool, but had no idea what it was until I called my dealer and asked :slight_smile:

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I took the lid off…Even then it was awkward. All’s well though!!