K50 MinimServer

One of my DACs is a Lumin X1. Besides Squeeze and Roon, at times I also use the Lumin App with and without Roon switched on for the App. The App had been showing and playing music from music on my hard drive of my K50 as the Library for the App. The Library choices show MinimServer(sonictransport) which is not connected now, K50server, and MinimServer(antipodes). Prior I had been able to choose K50server and, I believe, the MinimServer(antipodes) was also an active choice. I experienced a recent issue when I attempted to use the X1 with the App. Music was shown, but message popped that Server was Offline. Selecting music selections would result in quick jumping through the music selections without playing. Peter Lie, LUMIN Firmware Lead, participates in several forums giving information and issue resolution assistance. I posed the issue on another forum, and included I also just tried switching to Roon, and X1 does not show as an audio zone option, even with restarting Roon Server and Player on my Antipodes dashboards. Other options are shown, and am playing music through another DAC via Roon now, but X1 not shown as available. Peter’s response was to “Please power cycle the whole network, starting from the router, especially including the Roon Core, Lumin X1, Antipodes and all WiFi / mobile devices.” Shortly after this reply, I left on a trip and powered down and disconnected my audio gear including K50, X1, modem, router, switch.

I returned earlier this week and powered all again. The condition of indicating App Offline still persisted. I decided to try enabling Minimserver as well as Roon on my K50 Server Dashboard. That did result in Minimserver (Antipodes) showing in Lumin App Library as available. Selecting it allows music to play. A prior K50 Server option in library shows but is Offline. Enabling Minimserver on K50 Server Dashboard along with Roon has not affected Roon working, and X1 does show and will play in Roon again. I previously did not have to enable Minimserver on the K50 for the Lumin App to show and play music from hard drive installed on the K50 and managed by the Server Dashboard. I just tried toggling Minimserver off on the Server Dashboard, and Library again went offline. As noted, this was not the case prior. Possibly there were software changes pushed through that did not require user participation.

I am on AMSv3.12 and current App and LUMIN software. Has there been something pushed through that now requires MinimServer be enabled on Server Dashboard?

Lumin app browses for UPnP servers. Minimserver and MiniDLNA are the two apps that would allow your K50 to be discovered as UPnP, so one of these would need to be running. The options were different with 3.0 as Minimserver wasn’t an option.

A few control apps will also discover SMB shared (network folders). I don’t believe Lumin does though, so I have no idea how that app could have worked previously without a UpnP server running. Was wine involved?

The ‘K50server’ option might possibly have been Squeezebox Server which has a plugin that allows it to function as a DLNA server. Is Squeezebox Server currently active?

No, Squeezebox is not currently active, but enabled in Roon. I do switch periodically to listen via Squeeze, though I have not switched to it prior to the Lumin App issue, nor currently.

WineHQ is not in use.

You could try starting Squeezebox Server (which has to be not Active if you are using the Squeeze player with Roon) and see if K50server then shows as Online.

If ‘K50server’ is the host name of the K50 Server part of the K50 it will be used as the name for the Squeezebox Server DLNA server.

I am able now to utilize and play from the Lumin App by enabling MinimServer as well Roon. I may check enabling just Squeezebox for server to see if App works or also requires MinimServer be enabled. However, enabling the MinimServer as well as other server apps, such as Roon is an easy fix. It just wasn’t necessary prior, and I am curious as to why.

I tried Squeezebox Server and Player this morning. Similar to Roon for me, MinimServer must also be enabled for Lumin App to show Online. Again, only MinimServer(antipodes) will show as Online for Library, not K50. The additional MinimServer enabling does not seem to have any downside I have noticed, but the need to do so is different than prior for me. I intend just to leave MinimServer enabled constantly now.