K50 mk1 vs G4 K22


I wanted to ask if anyone has experience or an opinion on the sound quality I’d get from the latest K22 compared to my original K50? My Roon library isn’t big and I don’t use DSP at all. I also have a second NUC with Rock if that would be preferred with K22 (doubt it?). The upgrade cost is out of reach for me at the moment. I can probably swing for K22 if I sell K50. I can also just keep K50, I love this thing.


If you use Roon, probably best to hang on to the K50. Running Core on a separate server engine tends to help a lot, and the K50’s server engine is pretty darn good. You can get a taste of what you might lose if you run Core on your NUC now and have it use the K50’s player as its Roon endpoint.


Keep the K50, save up, then get the upgrade, it is an on-going upgrade we are offering.

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My experience is that the K50 is an amazing server/player with or without the upgrade. The upgrade is a subtle improvement with slightly more refined detail. I would be happy with either. For disclosure I upgraded. Keep the K50 and upgrade when finances allow, in the meantime enjoy the K50.