K50 - not finding Roon

Last night all was well but today when starting Roon - there is nothing.
K50 starts as normal with a beep and eventually a steady green light.
But the app says “still trying to connect…”.

I can see in the Server log that Roon has installed Build 1386 during the night.
Can that be the problem?

The set up consist of my K50 (gen 2), output via USB Sablon EVO2 to Moon 680D dac.
When looking at My Antipodes it says “USB out put too Simaoudio (Moon)” so it sees the receiving end. But the dac gets no input signal.

What would be the best next step?

Reboot everything, including the remote device used to access

Thank you Mark.
But everything has been rebooted several times. Both the Roon App, K50 and Moon 680 dac.
I have also pressed “Restart Roon” in My Antipodes.

Please m ake an appointment for remote support

Just wanted to send a big Thank You to Mark for the swift remote support session that solved the issue with Roon not finding the K50. The problem was identified (There where 2 output options - both namned K50). After deleting one of them, everything is now running as smooth I am used to.