K50/OLADRA output to use with MSB DACs

Could you please recommend, which output of K50/Oladra would be the best to use with MSB DACs?

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The best output on a K50/Olandra doesn’t necessarily match the best input n a MSB dac.
Talk to MSB regarding which inputs work best and report back

The best input of MSB is ProISL/ProUSB. On K50/Oladra the best output is I2S.
My point is: what is more important to follow?

Use USB, that’s what I use especially on the latest generation

I use the AES/EBU connection.
I was literally amazed that a high-quality cable improved this connection, but it did.

Antipodes Audio uses an MSB Reference DAC, coupled with a S500 amp in our listening room.
I am hesitant to recommend an output as your room, electronics, ears, music source and taste are all factors to take into consideration.
For us, we listen to AES mostly, but use COAX, USB and Pro USB in testing.
With the G4 Series server, the OLADRA AES output to us is the most natural to us.
In a G4 K50 AES and USB are close.

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Thank you for good advice!!
And could you please share your experiences about AES cables to use?

Take a look at this thread…

Hi Mark,
I have the new OLADRA and am using the ProUSB with my MSB Reference and I also have the Reference Digital Director. Are you using a Reference Digital Director in the Antipodes system? Thanks.


@7Ryder, we do not have the Digital Director as yet, hopefully we will soon :slight_smile:

I’ve spent a small fortune trying to mitigate the negative effects of the appalling mains power in Central London into my digital system. Yet the more money I spend on mains conditioning: Puritan Audio PS 156 and much more, the more clearly I hear the dreadful digital hardness and lack of subtle midrange harmonics during peak times in the evening, during autumn and winter.

I have heard a very high end analogue turntable system that does not suffer at all from this appalling degradation in sound at particular times of the day in Central London , so it’s clear that digital based systems suffer from disproportionately more than turntable based analogue systems. Is it physically possible that there will ever be a cure for the degradation of sound due to mains born interference in digital based systems?

Sorry to say that you may need to throw more money at power conditioning. I’m not familiar with the Puritan’s products, but you might benefit from moving up their lineup.

I’m fortunate that I don’t hear that great of a degradation during the day. Later at night is best, but that’s due more to reduced traffic on the street behind my home. My Shunyata Denali v1 seems to do a good job, though I have little doubt that their better conditioners would tell me that it’s still allowing a lot of harm to be done.

I got to hear a Stromtank over the summer at a local audio show. This made a dramatic improvement even in the noisy show conditions. I hope we see some more affordable battery-based solutions in the upcoming future.


Stromtank battery powered regenerators look promising, but at a price! However there doesn’t seem to be a UK based dealer/distributer on their website…

The effect was dramatic but it was impossible to determine if the price was justified. I wish it could have easily been compared to a top tier conditioner like maybe the Shunyata Everest.

That system was one of favorites at the show. It featured the Magico bookshelf speakers and CH Precision gear. It was the first time I was exposed to CH Precision. Were I to win a lottery, it would be at the top of my list for serious consideration. Time domain performance was as good as I’ve heard but also the music was just clear and absolutely beautiful.

Did you receive the Digital Director already?
How are your impressions with it?

Not yet, still deciding

Please let me know, if you will have the news on this field.

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When I started with a K50 some time ago I did several trials connecting it with my MSB Reference DAC. For me the best connection was via the Pro USB / ProISL input.
And I think the Pro USB / ProISL input is something like a very small precursor of the Director. Later on I changed towards the Oladra and in last december I got a MSB Director. I still use the Pro USB / ProISL, but now into the Director.
By this I have doubled the optical connections between the Oladra and the Dac. And the sound is great.