K50 Player drops from Roon

Hey all

I sent my K50 gen1 to a friend to try out. He logged in to his Roon account and set up the core, transferred some local files (mix of stuff including DSD) etc
Since then he’s had the player disappear and reappear in the Roon devices list intermittently and seems randomly. It happened regardless of AES spdif or USB.

It’s connected to a Playback Designs MPD-8 DAC.

Any thoughts on what could be the problem? The server keeps running and the core works so it’s confusing


I assume that there is an SSD installed in the K50?
Is there another Roon core on the network?
Has the network, remote computer, router and switches been rebooted?

Yes there are two. Now when checking the storage management it’s saying they require wiping (they worked before!)

I will check with him again.

Looks like something may have happened in transportation or on set-up, reboot the server and re-check the SSD

Got the K50 back here, current problem I’m noticing is I can’t access the server from the dashboard, getting an error 500 page not found.
Roon recognized the server and seems to be playing fine so far.
Still have a problem with the SSDs as well but that’s not a priority at the moment personally.

Check that all ethernet cables are correctly installed, like Ive come across this where people have plugged the ethernet cable into the I2S RJ45 on the reclocker and wondered why they got no connection, not saying this is the situation here, but always best to check all cables first.
Second, reboot all switches, router server and remote computer

I can see the solution dashboard and the player dashboard, only the server dashboard isn’t working. I’m guessing it’s not a cable problem (even though I reset everything). I can ssh to the server, can’t do anything without a password but it is responding. The server and player are also working (available and connected in Roon), so I really don’t know what’s going on.
I set up a remote session for tomorrow, perhaps a factory reset will solve everything.

All problems solved. My server’s storage was completely full, most likely due to user error.
One remote session later and we’re good to go.