K50 playing Squeeze + Squeeze randomly loses the Player

Title says it all really. I’m playing music from the internal ssd and randomly the sound stops. The track appears to still be playing but Material says ’No Player’. Despite deselecting Squeeze as the player and saving , Material still reports No Player.

Any ideas. I have restarted the K50 with no success.

Try restarting your network gear again.

Does the K50 player always grab the same IP?

Hi there, the Player needs to have a constant connection to the DAC, if for any reason the DAC looses connection or the Player Dashboard hasnt been SAVED then Squeeze Server will announce No Player.
Most likely DAC related, connection or other device in the signal path etc

Ah, that makes sense @MarkCole. I have had similar issues with my K50. So rather than placing my DAC into Standby after a listening session I should keep it on? Cheers Martin

Yes, if the DAC is in standby, the the Player Dashboard would need to be re-saved upon DAC start-up.

@MarkCole Thanks for the help and advice. For a couple of days now I have left my K50 playing music 24/7 from the internal SSD (Squeeze Server and Player) and it has been rock solid with the player and with no dropping of the player. I leave my Dave DAC powered up and just turn off the power amps.

Thanks again.

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I use a K50 followed by a MSB Dac via the Pro USB item and the Pro ISL input of the Dac.
The K50 is in continuous use whereas the Dac is shut down during night. The K50 server uses roon and the k50 player squeezelite.
From time to time music stopps and in roon the option of using squeezelite as an output disappears.
If this happens the player can not be reached by it´s IP adress whereas the server is still available. Up to now a shut down of the K50 with a following restart helped. Although it tooks some time until the player / squeezelite appears in roon.
As there is only one LAN input for both the server and the player and as the server is available whereas the player is not available by it´s IP adress in such situations I assume that the problem is a software problem of the player.
Restarting the K50 is not a big thing, but in the wrong moment this is very annoying.
This happens once to twice a week.

Like yourself I’m running Roon into Squeezelite, but using K50 - AES/EBU - MBL N31. Exactly the same thing occurs with my own set-up, but far less frequently at around once every 5 or 6 weeks or so.

In my case though it’s so infrequent that I’ve never really given it much thought. Restart of my K50 has so far, always brought everything back to normal & with no extended waiting time. :crossed_fingers:

I’ve not yet owned a server or computer of any description that hasn’t suffered the occasional glitch from time to time & it’s something I’ve long since come to take for granted.

In fairness both of the K50’s I’ve owned have shown far greater stability than any of the 3 x Auralic units I’d previously owned, but quite why this particular anomaly should occur more frequently with your K50 set-up than my own I’ve no idea.

I’ve also on the one occasion had both server & player drop off, but again a shutdown & re-start returned everything back to normal.

Are you able to reserve an IP for your Player and Server? I have done that to ensure that they always get the same IP. I can’t say if this will solve your problem, but it’s a good practice nonetheless when devices need to be found by other devices. My NAS also gets a reserved IP.

@ Ernie,
I’ve also reserved an IP address for both player & server & I still get those rare drop outs. Maybe if you haven’t done so already, the previous advice may at least help reduce the frequency of dropouts you’re experiencing.

@ Chilli and kennyb123:
I did not reserve an IP adress, but my router does and since the K50 is in my system the K50 server and the K50 player always get two different ( but over time the same ) IP adresses.
Just now I wanted to check the IP adresses of both, but with myantipodes.com only the player showed up, the server was missing.
But at the same time the K50 was actually playing music what means, server and player are working.
Checking my router: both, server and player showed up.
My feeling is that there are some hidden bugs in the Antipodes software

I can’t say I’ve ever seen that particular anomaly. I can fully appreciate why frequent dropouts such as those you’re experiencing would be annoying but I’m not experiencing the issue with anything like the same frequency.

Like I said it only happens very rarely on mine & only once has it ever occurred whilst I was actually playing music. Every other occasion where the player was dropped occurred overnight.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I would have thought that if the issue were purely down to Antipodes software then every K50 would be similarly affected & with similar frequency. I’ve now had two K50’s. Both the older specification & the latest one & on neither have I experienced this issue at anything like the same frequency as yourself.

The above would at least suggest to me that maybe you have some sort of issue elsewhere. Possibly someone else with a K50 could add more information regarding any drop-outs they might have experienced?

Whilst my router will initially assign the two I.P addresses it’s possible with my own router/modem to then fix those particular addresses via my Hub settings as below.

Screenshot 2022-04-30 at 14.58.03

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Is this still an issue, sounds network or router related.
But if you would like us to check please book an appointment for remote access support.

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Not sure if we are talking about the same thing: I am lately playing with Roon (on EX) to squeezelite player (on a Sonore UR which uses the same software). Sometimes the squeezelite player “never starts” a track after “play”. It is stuck in the beginning of the track. So far the following seems to “wake it up”: go to the player app, switch from squeezelite to eg Roon Ready then back to Squeezelite. It’s quite a nuisance but works. Not sure if the slight sound quality improvement I perceive with this squeezelite vs Roon ready mode is worth it though…