K50 Server and Player Dashboards are not running

I have a K50 and have a problem.
I see the Solution Dashboard on my Antipodes but can‘t change the Display to the Server Dashboard or the player Dashboard.
I can hear music with hq Player and Roon But can‘t do anything with the Server and Player Dashboard.
WhatsApp can I do? I have restarted the K50 and the DAC. But there is no Troubleshooting.

You will need to make an appointment for remote access support here

Hallo Mark,
Sorry about my Late answer. The dashboards work since last week. It‘s all ok now.

Any idea what made them work? Dashboards stopped working overnight on my K22 although showing variable CPU activity, no players listed, server won’t accept K22 selection, can’t connect to storage. But storage still accessible through Mac finder, and the machine works as a highly-priced under-powered Roon core still. Hoping to get a fix before a booked session on 19th.