K50 standby or allways on / effect on lifetime and sound quality?

What is the best for Running my K50 ? Allways on or go to standby after the music session?
Sometimes i do not use the K50 for several days……at the moment the K50 is allways on…
I knew that the reklocker works best with temperature, is it cooling down in standby mode?
What is the best for the lifetime?

Thanks for your answers……


@Gretsche I always left my K50 ‘On’ and I do the same with my Oladra (and indeed I do the same with my Chord Mscaler and Chord Dave DAC).

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Yes, but that doesn’t answer his question.:upside_down_face:

@Christian I thought that was implied. Anyway, @Gretsche in standby the main boards are unpowered and so all will cool down and need to be taken out of stand by mode to heat up again and re stabilise.

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Correctly. Now we are talking about the motherboards and not the reclocker. This means that the reclocker is not supplied with power in standby mode and therefore the clock is not kept at the same temperature.

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On a few occasions, Antipodes has recommended that we keep our servers powered on all the time.

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Thank you all for your answers and support! So i will let the K50 always on (like its was and now will be)…it is build as a server so it shouldn’t be a problem to run the system all the time.
The question appeared because sometimes i don’t use the K50 for a few days and i thougt I can protect the system an expand the lifetime while shutting down…

Is a good question. For me the same applies to the listening process. So I don’t listen to music for 3-5 days in a row either. Could be even longer. Lifespan, guaranteed lifespan in 24/7 operation would be nice to have an indication. Shelf life at least 10 years - no idea. You also have to be honest that many people leave their servers (K50) on because Squeeze is very unreliable. Often it is no longer possible to establish a connection. I had it too. Stayed with Roon. No problems with Roon when turning the K50 on and off. Connection is ALWAYS established. The fact is, if the K50 is always at operating temperature, that is always best. If I roughly know I’m going to listen to music tonight, I turn on the DAC and K50 early in the morning. That should be enough, I think. Another question is, how long does the internal clock of the K50 need to reach operating temperature? Is it even the other way around that the clock’s lifespan is longest when it is always kept at a stable temperature?

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Problem is that we would likewise need data on how badly thermal cycling harms lifespan. My gut feeling would be that several years of thermal cycling a few times a week would do more harm than just leaving it powered on all the time. Unfortunately there’s no empirical data on this. What I can say though is that my Spectral amp is 22 years old and it’s been left on almost the entire time and it is still bringing me joy. As such I find it absurd that some people insist on regularly powering down their Antipodes servers - especially in light of how well Antipodes supports their products.

An interesting aside: many years ago John Swenson, the designer of the EtherRegen, advocated for leaving music playing all the time. He actually designed Ethernet PHYs (physical layer controllers) before he started doing design work for Uptone and Sonore. He argued that the PHYs perform best when kept busy (my paraphrase as it was so long ago that I don’t recall his exact justification). The point he has made repeatedly is that engineers optimize around steady state conditions so it’s best to operate devices continually at their steady state. He’s mentioned this repeatedly as so many worry because they think the EtherRegen runs hot. His response almost always comes down to something like “it was meant to run that way, don’t stress about it”.

What I will worry about though is whether I jinxed myself by mentioning my amp’s longevity above. :thinking:


Yes, but that is not a computer, however …

This is likely the case with the Antipodes motherboards. But I assume engineers also design things to perform to a specification at a steady state to last a particular period. Beyond that period they might not perform to the specification but I reckon they will still work fine.

It is probably more likely that, much sooner than the expected lifespan, the performance will be surpassed by newer tech (such as better sounding tech leading to the inevitable upgrade) or possibly obsolete due to incompatibility with newer generation hardware or software.

Even though the tech will still perform well there will be a time when it is useless, no one wats to use it and has zip value.


Exactly why I cited it. The takeaway was meant to be that if an amp that runs a lot hotter and carries a greater load can survive over two decades with it powered on the entire time, then a mid- to low-powered Antipodes server shouldn’t be at risk if left powered on all the time.

I could have mentioned my 2010 Mac Pro as not only have I left it on the entire time, but over that last two years it’s been heavily tasked with PGGB processing. It’s still plugging away, which astonishes me.

Exactly. And that period is often based on a good understanding of how long a product will continue to be of value to the owner.

Exactly. I think this is another reason to not worry about leaving it on.

Hi Guys
Very interesting read on the Pro’s and Con’s of leaving the Antipodes K50 powered up and other Electronics aswell.

Yes, everything Works better or best at Ambient Temperatures!?

But, I am a Guy Who 'Switches Off ’ when Not Using even after my Morning Blast of :musical_note::notes: Music and same in the Evening before Bedtime :bed::sleeping::zzz:
Been doing this for over 60 years and No Harm to my Electronics has Prevailed .

If you want to Pay my ever Increasing Energy Bills, You’re All Welcome :hugs::grin:

Keep the Posts coming. I am New to Streaming and hearing Digital Music …a Big big fan of VINYL.
Can’t beat it…:yum::+1:

Enjoying the Music is the Main!!

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many people leave their servers (K50) on because Squeeze is very unreliable. Often it is no longer possible to establish a connection.

Too true🙂
Exactly why my K21 stays on constantly.

If this were not the case I suppose I would have to think about all those other considerations ! :joy:

In my own personal situation i leave my K50 on 24/7 and try not to worry about lifetime impacts lest it gets in the way of just enjoying the music. Like a few other posters, I have noted a a marked reduction in SQ after prolongued off mode (because i went on holiday). Not sure what the cause of this was, but i now leave my K50 on even i am travelling for multiple weeks at a time.