K50 Update auf AMS v.4.1

Hello! One Question: I didn’t update to 4.0, because I didn’t want to stress…Now this is already 4.1. Does this update work now?

I too was nervous with the 4.0 update. When I saw version 4.1, I said to myself, I try. Everything went well. No problem with my K40.

CX + EX: evey update so far flawless. But I have quite fast and stable internet.
Also first study most/all manuals because AMS4.x is substantially different. Not complex per se but different.

AMSv4 Installed perfectly for the vast majority of clients.
We did have the bugs mentioned in the release notes, you can view those here…

So to answer your question, it works

Thanks Mark… I’ m going through with it.


I’m here to assist you if you need it, happy to remote in and help.

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Update worked… But only to 4.0

Everything OK… Update again.