Ken’s occasionally-evolving system

My system continues to involve though the rate of change should be slowing. The latest change was to swap my Chord Hugo TT2 for a Gustard X26pro DAC. Never would I have imagined that a $1500 DAC would beat the pants off a $6000 DAC but in fairness, PGGB deserves a good chunk of the credit for this. The X26pro has a NOS node that does minimal amount of processing so that the benefits of PGGB can be be appreciated. Things then got significantly better after adding the REF10 reference clock.

Starting with the top shelf:

  • Antipodes K30
  • Gustard X26pro DAC and Mutec REF10 master clock
  • Shunyata Denali v1 and EtherRegen powered by Farad Super3
  • Spectral DMA-150Mk2 amp
  • Quadraspire SVT rack on Nordost Sort Füt
  • Aerial 10T speakers


  • Stillpoints Ultras under just about everything
  • All power cords are Shunyata Delta V2 except Venom V14 NR for REF10 and EtherRegen
  • Shunyata Omega USB, Delta v2 clock cable to DAC and Alpha v1 clock cable to EtherRegen
  • MIT Matrix HD60 speaker cables (Spectral requirement), Shunyata Alpha v1 interconnect
  • Stillpoints Aperture panels behind audio rack on at 2nd reflection point on side walls
  • ASC Isothermal Tube Traps in front corners and at 1st reflection point on side walls
  • Two dedicated circuits with the amp on one and everything else plugged into the Denali on the other