Legacy product documentation

I notice that the documentation for legacy products cannot be found anywhere on your web site.

I suggest that you keep all of the documentation on line as a service for customers who are still using the legacy products or who may be considering trying Antipodes products for the first time by buying a used product.

A healthy used market is a good thing to build a community of potential customers of your current range.

Also I note that this support forum is horrendous to use on an iPad. You can’t read what you are writing because the ipad keyboard pops up and covers the text entry field. Some basic usability testing is needed.



Hi there, what type of legacy documentation do you require?

We have most if not all users moved to the AMS V3.XX platform, as such all there is to know is available in the Guides Section.

Any other iPad users experience the issue described here.
Certainly zero issue here , I am responding on an iPad.

No problem here. I wonder if he’s using an iPad Mini.

Hi, I was looking for the product information of the P2 reclocker, but it would be good to keep the product information for all of the legacy servers and accessories. Many manufacturers have a ‘legacy products’ section on their web site for such documents to keep them separate from current products.

I am using an ipad Pro from 2015. I notice there is no problem to reply to an existing thread. The problem occurred when I made a new thread.


Try flipping to portrait mode.

That works, thanks!

I need more than 20 characters (who thinks of these rules?) so yadda yadda

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Do you have a user guide for an older D2 beastie please?


Hi there, D2 describes the Roon version, we have D1 and D2.
You will need to have a look on the rear of the Antipodes to obtain the actual model.
All Antipodes servers, should be on the latest software version of v3.14, we have guide videos available on our website here…

Or if you aren’t on the latest software, reach out to us for remote access support by making an appointment here…

Is the are specific questions I can assist with.