Linn Klimax DSM/2

Has any one used the Linn Klimax DSM/2 with or without the Organik Dac update ? And if so how did you connect it to your K50 ( or similar ) for best results as the Linn does not have a USB input — thanks

Most Linn DSM owners use Ethernet and generally own a K40/41, and stream via UPnP.
The K50 is able to connect via Direct Stream Ethernet, this does render 2/3rds of the K50 redundant with the Player and re-clocker not in use.
Using the K50 to its fullest the COAX input would seem the most likely candidate for great sound, using server/player/re-clocker of the K50.

Definitely ethernet connection with Linn Streamers. You will benefit from a high quality switch as well, such as Innuos.

When using the direct stream ethernet output of the K50, the advice is not to place a switch between the Antipodes and the Linn. You should place them together in a rack, and connect the two with an uninterrupted ethernet cable of good quality. Introducing a switch in this path will be taking the ’ direct’ out of the direct stream and negatively affect the SQ.

A good switch can be used to connect the Antipodes to the network.