Losing the k50 Player- Maybe Sorted

Hi everyone:
I have a K50b playing into a HoloAudio May via an i2s cable and am using Squeeze exclusively. Up until today, this combination could play any file type I threw at it. Suddenly, some but not all 24bit/192kHz Flac files will cause the Antipodes Solution (using in a web browser) to ‘lose’ the Player. The only way to get it back is to take the K50 into Standby and then back to Ready. Then if I try to play the problematic 192kHz file again, same problem. These are files stored internally to the K50 on SSD.
There does not seem to be an issue playing 256xDSD which feels like a more processing-heavy file type.
Rebooting the router does not help. I did update the router software a few days ago, so that might be a culprit, although the file type shouldn’t affect the router, as it is just passing along an instruction from the web browser to the K50 (errr, right?).
I think this is a problem with corrupted files I purchased recently. Old files work fine. The specific culprits were mixed in with the purchase of some 24/96 files that do not have this problem, so it is definitely something to do with the 24/192 Flac’s. I have tried to re-download them and same problem, so I am contacting the purveyor (note; these files stream fine from the source at a lower resolution).

Certainly sounds like a file issue

Definitely a file issue. Re-downloading the files through the Qobuz batch downloader and copying them to the K50 does not help. But if I re-download them one by one (a pain if there ever was one), they work fine. My feeling is that the recently updated Qobuz downloader has a bug or two. The downloader seems to be fine for 24/96 files and lower, but at least for the items I purchased it seems to corrupt the 24/192. Have brought it up to Qobuz, so hopefully they’ll get it figured out.

Pleased you got to the bottom of it