Macbook not seeing K50

Hoping someone can help me solve this puzzle. My K50 is working fine, using iPeng to control it. I can open the solution dashboard on Chrome on my iPhone, but the K50 doesn’t show up on Chrome on my Macbook. All devices are on the same network. I tried using Safari on the Macbook as well just to check it wasn’t a browser cache/cookie issue, but still the same.

It’s a pain as I want to transfer some FLAC’s I’ve bought from Bandcamp to the K50, and I need the Macbook to do this.

Check the IP address of the Macbook, and compare to the K50.
Use our website to go to My Antipodes
If the Macbook can be wired to the same router or switch that the K50 is on that would be best practice.

Are you saying that the K50 doesn’t show up in the Mac’s Finder. It should be there under Network.

Interestingly it does show up in Finder, but I’ve been using the Antipodes file manager recently and that I can’t get to as Chrome/Safari doesn’t see it.

Just checked and my phone and macbook have different IP’s even though they’re on the same wifi network - even the same Mesh node. Beyond my understanding why they would be different

Finder is the best way to copy files over from a Mac.

They should be different but it sounds like you are saying that more than just the last few digits are different. You might have a double-NAT or multiple DHCP servers. That could explain the issue there.