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The Audio Analyst - Greg Weaver’s Magico M9 Review, A $1.5 million system into $750k Magico M9’s, digital source - Antipodes OLADRA


In this video was the statement that while playing James Blake „Limit to your Love“ no vibrations could be recognized at the enclosures of the Magico M9.
My system is not so highly sophisticated as the above, but I wanted to see how my loudspeakers behave with the above mentioned soundtrack.
I am a great fan of Townshend podiums and platforms. So my YG Sonjas 2.2i are standing on such Townshend podiums. And from Townshend I have learnt to use a vibration analysing App on my iPhone.
And what dose the vibration analysing app show when the iPhone is placed on the speakers ?
Nearly nothing! Well, ist was not nothing. The background vibration was in the range of 0.002 g. And during playing the track the vibrations reached 0.004 g sometimes.
But putting my hand on or at the Sonjas, no vibrations could be felt.
The music starts at the SSD of my Oladra.

Which vibration App do you use, Ernie?

It is called „Vibrationsanalyse Vibrometer“
Works on the iPhone and iPad

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Just bought the Commercial „Vibration Pro“ app for a better analysis :grin:

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