Mains Polarity K50

What is the best mains polarity with respect to the K50 mains (IEC 14)input?

As it’s AC, can it matter? The AC get converted to DC to make things work, then it becomes important. Doesn’t the plug have a + and - on the terminals? I’m no EE though…

Yes AC (but not balanced).

At our location you have to deal with Life Neutral and PE.

Neutral and PE have approximately the same potential.
You can place the plug (SCHUKO) in 2 ways.

The leakage from Life to PE when connecting the MAINS depends on how you plug in the SCHUKO plug to the mains.

My dealer give me the answer for correct phase.

Hello Harry, could you share the answer of the dealer with us?

Sorry JustGert,

The answer is the picture above where the red dot is the phase .

Thanks, this is according to the earlier answer of Mark and totally clear to me now. Happy that I can install all power cabeling correct now.

Leiterverteilung in C15-Stecker

The C-15 male connector has only one possibility to fit. The same is with many other connectors. But the German “Schuko”-connector has two possibilities to fit. No problem with normal household items but with HiFi electronics the phase should be at the right place.
In the two pictures you see the signs “N”, ground ( in the middle ) and “L”.
The phase should be at the “L” position. Not all connectors show these signs but the position should always be the same. I think this is international convention.
The information Harry got from his dealer fits to the above.

Correct but in some countries like The Netherlands the mainsplug that goes into the wall outlet can be inserted bith ways. This means we are not sure which side is live or neutral. I use a simple voltage checker to find out. But with electricity this should only be done with sufficient knowledge.