Mapping a network drive?

Hi All,
I’m trying to map my Antipodes DS-3 server to my desktop computer.
I feel like I’ve tried many options…
Mainly telling my computer to look for the server. Example:- \ds3\music
Is there something I need to do to allow the server to be discovered ?
Any info, would be greatly appreciated.

Using the destination’s IP address instead of computer name can be more reliable, but one should only do that if a reservation has been made in the router for that server.

My NAS has a reserved IP address, for example. I then connect doing something like this:

Ok, I did try the IP address, but from your comment it appears I need to check my router to make sure it’s not blocking this map request.

It’s not that the router will block it, it’s that the IP addresses are dynamic by default, meaning it could change over time. A reservation keeps it from changing.

What kind of server are you attempting to connect to?

I’m trying to connect to the server inside the Antipodes DS3. It’s all running fine with Squeeze app etc…
I can access the squeeze interface, but I want to be able to manage the files by mapping the network file onto my desktop. I can upload files onto the DS-3 server through the Antipodes GUI, but if I wanted to take music off the server I need to see the files, through file explorer. It’s also a better way to manage the folders through “file explorer”. Hence mapping the network drive onto my desktop. Hope that makes sense.

\ds3\storage should work, as below:

However you should be able to see the DS3 under Network in File Explorer, and access the \storage\music folder from there.

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See this:


Awesome !! Turning windows features on totally worked. I can’t thank you all enough.
All the best

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Well advised @kennyb123! When replying earlier to this question I noticed that my CX/EX were not showing under Network, although they usually do. I re-enabled SMB1 and all is back to normal now. I wonder if a recent Win11 update may have unset this setting which I previously always have had enabled, since Win10 in fact. If other users find their servers not showing it might be worth checking/re-enabling this setting.

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Enabling that setting does lessen the security posture of your Windows device, so an update most likely reverted that setting. Risk of attack is low if the computer doesn’t leave one’s home but something to be aware of nonetheless.

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