MConnect Player no longer showing my Antipodes EX in "Play to"


I have recently upgraded the version of my Antipodes EX from version 3.something to 4.31. As a result (it seems), I do no longer see the Antipodes EX in my player (MConnect for Android). So music has left my place… Too bad since, after moving to a new place, I could really enjoy my hifi and the EX, looking at the Eiffel tower in the background.


  • I see my EX in the “Browser” section of the MConnect Player app, where I can browse the local content of the EX (ok, and where I see that some of my settings work correctly)
  • but the EX is no longer displayed in the “Play to” section (where music vanishes)

When opening

  • I see my EX in section Music Servers
  • but section Network Players is empty (shows “0”); I do not remember what was previously displayed there

When opening Antipodes dashboards, under Solution, I use the Squeeze preset, with the following player settings:

  • Source: EX
  • App: Squeeze
  • Output: USB Audio - Devialet (so it properly sees the DAC connected to the EX)
  • DSD Handling: DoP

In Server settings, I have:

  • App: Squeeze
  • More Apps: MiniDNLA
  • No storage is mounted yet

I have looked at the user guide and videos… but it did not really help.

And does the fact that MConnect sees the EX in its “Browser” page, but does not see it in the “Play to” page, mean that the issue resides on the MConnect side? Or is it something to re-enable in the EX?

No clue. And no music. So does anyone know how to remove these “nos”?

Try setting the player app to MPD. Minidlna is fine for the server for browser access from mconnect. Squeeze is not needed for mconnect.

Thank you! I will be away for a week but I will try as soon as I come back!

It works well, music is back: thanks a lot Progisus!

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