Melco server and Antipodes player compatibility

Melco HA-N1A-2EX-H60 server has a connection to the player only through the Ethernet port. Can I connect the Antipodes K-21 player via ethernet?
Sorry my English is not perfect.

The early Melco’s used Twonky, but apparently they can use MinimServer, if the device you are looking at has MinimServer then the K21 can be run as a MPD end-point.

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I had an old version Melco you can up grade it easily and have MinimServer and you get a big hit on SQ. If you have the new version it has MinmServer.
Further more I would expect a big improvement if using a K21.
Some are using two Melco servers one as a player and one a server, same as Antipodes suggested way.
However Antipodes has dedicated player and server options.
Let us know how you get on.

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Thanks for the tip!!

Hi Mikhail, did it work and how’s the result?