Migrating SSD to new server

I currently have a K41 on trial and decided to buy it. The machine I bought is physically a different machine then the one I have on trial. I already bought an SSD which I populated with my music on the trial machine.
When I get the new K41, can I just take the SSD out, move it to the new machine and still have the music? Will the contents be recognized?

Yes. I did exactly that with my K50.

Great thanks. That will save me a lot of time.

Similar question here - I’m currently using an S30 as server and player with a SSD, and now have an S40 on the way which I’ll set up as a server and reconfigure the S30 as a player only.

Will I need to take any special steps before or during transfer of the SSD from the S30 to S40? Thanks

@acefactory saw your email, thought Id respond here :slight_smile:
It is always a good idea to ensure that you have a backup of your music library.
As mentioned above should work for you, power down all your devices, remove SSD from S30, install in S40 , go to Storage Manager and check in S40.
But like I say, please ensure you have a backup, as wrong buttons have been clicked and issues have occured, and the library is lost, dont want to be a drama queen, but backup :)_

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Thanks Mark - much appreciated!