Miniserve can not be use on CX

My cx serve has no response when I open the miniserver.It can not be connected.Also i can not open the miniserve setup.I can use the minidlan,But it can not support the dsd files.Does anyone know the issue of the miniserve?Thanks.

Hi there what software version are you running on the CX


I upgrade the newest one.It is very strange when I see my friends cx is normal use.

I would need to remote in to have a look.

Please download and install AnyDesk, instructions below…

Also make an appointment here…

Hi mark,

There is no work after I tried everything I can do.Can I reinstall the miniserve or system?Thanks.

MinimServer is working on your device, I suggest testing with another app rather than Kazoo

Kazoo looks for OpenHome sources. MinimServer can’t be one of these unless it gets some help from BubbleUPnP. Definitely the right call to use a different app.

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I can use the minimserve on my synology nas.It can work on the kazoo.Also my friend’s cx can find the minimserve on kazoo.I try to find the issue.The cx minimserce can find on linn app.But can not connect.It is very strange.