More Player-Apps :)

On my K50 I have been using Roon almost all the time because of the unmatched integration of my collection with Qobuz and Tidal. For me squeeze server/player is kind of a backup if Roon should have any issues. (BTW initially I thought squeezelite is the better player for Roon, but recently I found that Roon ready sounds better in my system?). Sometimes I am using also MPD player controlled by an external JRiver Media Center server running on an Intel NUC. JRiver is still the best software for collectors like me, and I do not want to lose all my tags, which Roon sadly is not willing to adopt, not to mention their poor playlist functionality. Unfortunately Roon seems to be unable to add new services like Spotify and Amazon HD. Good to have Spotify connect on Antipodes. I will subscribe to Spotify as soon as Spotify HiFi is available.

Now what we need to reach streaming nirvana would be the availabilty of these two applications:

  • Chromecast-built-in
  • Amazon HD

It seems you are more hardware than software oriented, but will there be any chance in the future to get these apps? :slight_smile: