MSB ProI2S Input

Can the K50 I2S Output configured to the MSB Technology ProI2S Input ?

Hi there, we have a MSB DAC in our listening room and test via ProUSB.
All you need is a good USB cable to go from the K50 USB output to the ProUSB module that converts to ISL.
It sounds great and have clients with OLADRA who swear by the connection.

Thanks Mark for the info, do you think ProUSB connection sounds better then AES output of the K50

It does sound good, perhaps AES is a bit more natural/organic
But everyones idea of what sounds good is different.
Your ears, your room, etc.

Hi Mark, i am the user of Oladra and also MSB Reference DAC. Understand your recommendation is to connect both machine via the PRO USB and PRO ISL.

However i am interested to realize all potential of Oladra given its I2S should sound the best with no signal conversion and reclocking. I just wonder if there is a way to map the pin between Oladra I2S RJ45 with the MSB Pro I2S (not Pro ISL) RJ45 connection?


Short answer is NO.
MSB used this in legacy products as a proprietry interface.