Music Backup Process for Separate USB Drive

I do not see a separate backup application for music backup with AMSv3.0 nor what I have so far read on the upcoming AMSv3.1. Prior to my K50, I utilized a Small Green Computer server, which utilized MySonicObiter and software that appears to be the same prior Antipodes units utilized. MySonicorbiter currently will show my K50 Server and Player and provides link to these like My Antipodes. However, the legacy software had specific backup application for separate USB drive connected to USB port on the Small Green Computer. For initial backup utilizing this software, all music on server hard drive was processed and backed up. On subsequent manual backups, the application would scan all but only add new additions/changes to the backup. I would remove the separate USB backup drive when not in use.

What are specific processes, including which USB port, for backing up music on our Antipodes units with current/roll out software?

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Hi there, Antipodes Audio hasn’t had a backup solution since the introduction of AMS3.0.
There are a number of solutions available that enable incremental back-up, such as SyncBackFree or FileSync
These applications are run on your controlling PC or Mac, and enable sync with your NAS or external storage.

Though I was hoping for an ongoing integrated solution with current and updated Antipodes software, I appreciate your response. I will further investigate the options you provided.

We may have a separate solution in the future, but for now using apps like as mentioned are the solution.
I use SyncBackFree it is extremely powerful.
My process is that my internal Antipodes library is a “backup” or synced copy of my NAS library.
I make all edits, deletions etc on the NAS then sync this to the Antipodes, rather than the other way around, of making edits on the Antipodes then backing this up.
It does mean that the edits are not immediately available, until a sync has been performed.
However, I believe the NAS has better fail over as far as drive protection is concerned, so I know that my data will always be up to date and safe and as I like it, if in fact there is a SSD failure in the Antipodes, as unlikely as this is, but isn’t that the reason for backing up.
I guess it comes down to personal preferences and your work flow.
If I was backing up to an external USB drive, and my Antipodes was my main library, then my process would obviously be different, and the topic of this thread is backing up to USB :slightly_smiling_face: so apologies for the derail.
I am firmly in the NAS camp for long term music storage.
That may be another thread, best NAS solutions, my vote Synology, generally regarded as the best option out there.


Regarding ‘SyncBackFree’ this is for Windows, what about Mac user, what backup software would you recommend for them?



FileSync has a iOS version