Musical asylum

Music is my retreat and I have come to realise as an audiophile I do things that could be seen as a bit crazy, like mad scientists.

My journey with Antipodes began when I gave up my craziness of trying to build my own PC server customised for audio. Antipodes had been on the same journey as me for a lot longer, clearly knew a lot more than me and had evolved the adaption of computers for audio well beyond my abilities. After contemplating DS GT, I bit the bullet to acquire an EDGE. I used EDGE and server/renderer, as server only in partnership with Devialet Pro, then as Roon Core. Ultimately I replaced EDGE with EX which I use as Roon Core (server).

I have been exploring ethernet for audio in quite some depth - another crazy endeavour! I have assembled quite a collection of ethernet gadgets and cables, and experimented with different combinations. I recently discovered how well Auralic Aries G1 performs when connected via wifi, and have returned to using wifi to connect direct to Devialet Pro which I feel is a better outcome. The network configuration is

Australian nbn > Cat 5e > wall outlet > Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference ethernet > EtherRegen Side B > Side A SFP > SIngle Mode fibre > Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP > Shunyata Sigma ethernet > EX > JCAT Signatiure Gold ethernet > Gigafoilv4 > Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference ethernet > TP Link Wifi Access Point > --- > Devialet 220 Pro.

All this is powered via high quality linear power supplies, power cables and power conditioner.

The rest of the system is Devialet 220 Pro (to expand to 440 if beneficial), TAD ME1, and subwoofer line arrays comprising JL Audio e112 and Martin Logan Balanced Force 210 each channel.

My power is supplied by a dedicated line, Synergistic Research Powercell 12SE and mostly Synergistic Research cabling, including Galileo SX power cable which I will be trying with the EX soon. I am quite impressed with the Synergistic Research Atmosphere UEF Level 3 digital power cord on EX and linear power supply powering ethernet gear.

I have found EX benefits from a Synergistic Research Tranquility POD, MIG 2.0 footers, Orange Fuses, HD Ground cable and ECTs.

I am inc lined to use the EDGE as a NAS to remove the potential noise from the data drives from the EX.

When I tidy it all up I will add some photos.

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