Myantipodes Android App

If you are on Android our myantipodes app is now live and ready for download.

Thanks Mark,
Downloaded, installed and it works a treat, much better way to access my K40.


I’m not sure what this is for.
A remote for Roon, for example or is it for managing settings etc like I do on my desktop at the moment?
I don’t do everything on my 'phone as others seem to but if it is for hardware management I’ll probably give it a go.

Thanks, Ian

Hiya Ian, it’s for management of Antipodes hardware on your network.
Quick and easy access to myantipodes.
Change presets, check settings etc

Hi Mark,
thanks for the swift reply!
I’ll download it tonight whilst enjoying some tunes.
I’ve been using Squeeze as the Player for the last couple of weeks and had noticed some occasional harshness.
After chancing upon a post on here just this morning, I’ve just disabled the FLAC compression setting in Roon.
It promises to be an interesting night. :guitar: :beer: :notes:

Cheers, mate

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Wow, that went well.
Last night I went searching for the Antipodes app - easy to find, easy to download and when opened it indicated that there was an update due for the S30.
Decided to go for it and it updated in seriously, 5 seconds! Rebooted the S30 and everything worked just as before.
A terrific initiative, Mark.

As for the Roon setting change - I did not think that disabling the FLAC compression would have such a dramatic effect. Wrong!
No more treble glare or harshness at all. Amazing.