Need help setting up server and player on two devices

Until now I had an EX that served as a Roon server and a player. On Mark’s advice (I have a very large library) I bought a used CX (Oladra upgrade). Unfortunately I can’t manage to set up the EX as a player. Although both devices can be reached on the network, in most cases the dashboard and the Antipodes app only find the CX. If the EX is found, the CX cannot be set there via “Server SetUp”.

The CX is connected to the network via the left Ethernet port, and the EX is connected to the CX via an Ethernet cable on the right Ethernet port. The EX is connected to the DAC via USB. Music can be played. Roon says that the EX acts as a “bridge” but not as a player.

I turned off and restarted all devices several times, in the order Router - Switch - CX - EX. Nothing helped. What is wrong?…

@uwe061 please book a session Uwe

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Hello Marc, my problem could not be solved in the support session and you asked me to be patient. I now also know how to enter the professional mode of my router. Does it make sense to plan a new session now after the update? Or do I have to wait until the next AMS release?
Best regards, Uwe

Hi Uwe, indeed I can assist you.
Please make an appointment for remote access support.
I am currently travelling to AXPONA and have no remote sessions until my return, happy to assist you when I return.

Hi Mark, thank you very much! I booked a session for April 22, 2024.
Good luck at Axpona!

Best regards, Uwe