Network Acoustics Passive Filter, Anyone Have 1st Hand Experience?

Any Antipodes owners have any experience with the Network Acoustics passive filters such as the eno or muon?

Please share your experiences.

Sorry no, but I do use a PhoenixNET and find that has a good effect with my K50. I watched the Hans Beekhuzen review of the Muon and saw that he concluded that the Eno and Muon can have an effect but not with all streamers. It will be interesting to see if any Antipodes owners have any direct experiences to report.

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Yes, I have owned the Network Acoustic ENO filter (+ RJ/E cable) for over a year. It is installed upstream of my K40 at the output of my double SOtM switches. The K40 is connected to my dCS Rossini DAC by a Nordost Valhalla II RJ/E cable. Network Acoustics recommends installing the ENO filter directly on the DAC, but I observed better tones by installing the filter upstream of the K40. The ENO filter works really well. It has significantly reduced noise, increases transparency and provides natural tones. I am very satisfied, so satisfied that I ordered the new MUON filter a week ago.
I received a few days ago the new MUON ethernet filter and the MUON RJ/E cable. It’s very promising and straight out of the box the performance is superior to the ENO filter. Network Acoustics mentions that peak performance occurs after 100 hours of operation. To be continued…


I have the PhoenixNET recently aquired as well. I got mine partially due to reading of your good experiences, liking it thus far.

I am planning to potentially trial the MUON filter, since there is a trial of 30 days for it, seems low risk. The owner Rob was also very helpful and gave many thoughtful/long answers when asking questions about his products.

Thank you Rejean for sharing your experiences.

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Well, got the trial of the MUON filter for 30 days just now, should be here within 5 days or so will report back findings in the future probably around 1 month from now.


I bought the eno when I had my Antipodes CX and found it a great improvement with my Meridian 818 and Chord TT2 DACs (eno filter before the CX). I was lent the muon and found that to be even better. I now have the K50 and definitely plan to upgrade to the muon.

I would agree the enormity of the benefits can be streamer dependent. With the eno, my Meridian 818 benefits hugely, whereas my dCS Rossini less so. My shortish experience of the muon is that it delivers greater improvements with the dCS.


Great, thanks for sharing that, this area of optimizing seems to be pretty new still, so I was hesitant to even take a trial.

As of now I am actually quite excited to trial the items (MUON filter and cable) will update in future when appropriate.

The co-owner/co-designer Rob has been answering my questions and has been very helpful.

I have generally found that filters can be detrimental to audio because they constrain bandwidth. I believe that Antipodes themselves found that efforts to filter noise can take the life out of the music. I have no experience with these network filters so maybe this isn’t a concern but I would just makes sure that when I’m evaluating these things that I be mindful of their impact to both macro and micro dynamics.

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Thanks for the heads up, will be mindful when trialing.

Spend a few days with the filter in place and just soak in the music. Then pull it and see how you feel about the music. Filters might tend to sound like an improvement initially. But in hindsight they can be a bit too much of a good thing.

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I agree with that suggestion but also to be wary of concluding that one particular option has more ‘clarity’ or ‘realism’ or some such. A friend came round and we listened to various switch options. Some initially had more attraction but with more listening the sound became too incessant and tiring (particularly with percussion).

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Received the MUON filter and the cable for couple days now.

First impressions is that the filter upon first listen was underwhelming and I could not notice much differences. While listening more intently over the last few days, I do notice that the vocals take on a much more realistic tone as well as some slight digital glare reduced further.

I have not placed their MUON ethernet cable into the chain yet as I like to do things as methodically possible. I am currently using just an AQ Vodka ethernet cable along with the MUON filter and am having good results. As some posts mentioned above, will not jump to conclusions yet, and will continue to listen until trial ends.

Will continue to post updates through out the trial period.


Hello @F208Frank
Any news ?
We are all waiting :wink:

I’ve had the MUON system (cable and filter) from Network Acoustics for more than 3 weeks now. I can assure you that I am very satisfied. I retain mainly the dimensionality, the natural tones, the extension of the bass and high frequencies, the transients. It is very very good, clearly superior to the ENO system. Every evening I take advantage of this sound opening. The combination with my K40 makes it possible to obtain a very high level of musicality.
Small observation, it is true that the break-in period is necessary, after 3 weeks I still observe an improvement in the sound quality.


Sorry late response, for me personally, I did end up keeping the filter and the cable. It brings a very natural tone to the end sound. If I had to choose only the filter or the cable though, I would take only the filter. They were meant to work together but my tests showed that the filter did more for me within my chain. That is not to say that the cable is not impressive, but just sharing my experience in case someone would opt for one item only.

My take is if interested take the plunge and trial both the items, and put one item at a time into the chain and hear for yourself. Also go into the trial with a critical stance and let the chips fall where they may.

The co-owner Rob was also very patient and accommodating. Helped me a lot and gave a lot of pointers and never once gave me the feeling he was helping me for sake of a potential sale.

Side Note: When I went on trial, I really wanted to not like it, but wanted to try regardless due to my never ending curiosity for things.

Kind of how our antipodes steps up our DACs, the MUON steps up our antipodes. IMO that is.


I replaced the NA ENO with the Muon filter into my K50. The music sounded more fleshed out and a bit more effortless and natural when compared to the ENO. I believe it was worth the upgrade. I also relocated the ENO into a closet going from my router into a EtherRegen switch. I cannot discern any improvement from that addition. However the Cat6 cabling is running from the closet through 50+ feet of wall which may negate any benefit from using the ENO that far upstream.


WOW!! That is a thick wall!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:


Let me start by saying that the ENO filter system (Filter+ethernet cable) is the best and the most effective accessory I had in almost 30 years of audio experience.

I have never been really happy about my Qobuz or Tidal streaming before this upgrade. The sound was ok but never too impressive, lacking that final spark. I tried several ways to improve my streaming (with Etherregen for example) but sound was still to boring.
When I first tested the ENO Ag on my K50 I was blown away. The improvement was like changing to a upper scale pair of speakers.

Since I got my ENO I recommended the ENO system to all my audio friends and only one sent it back to the dealer. All the other (more than 30) they all were impressed and kept it.

Earlier this year when they launch the new MUON series I ordered one unit while keeping the ENO. During the first 3 weeks I could not hear the improvement of the MUON over the ENO. They both played really well but at the same level (MOUN was new and the ENO had already many hundred hours of playing). Then after these 3 weeks things started to change… MUON started to sound more refined. Everything started to sound more elegant and engaging. The details, the decay of the notes, everything sounded even better.

I currently use a MUON system feeding my K50, and I kept the ENO system connected it to my LG OLED TV for Netflix streaming (the image is amazing with this ENO).

To summarize…
In a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is the original sound and 10 is my current steaming sound quality, the ENO took me to 7, the MUON took me to 9, and the 10 I reach it with my new Paul Pang Quad switch.

My advice to all of you guys is:

  • Get the ENO system (filter + cable) immediately! No matter which system you own, you will love it.
  • If you have a true high-end system, them buy the MOUN because it will give you that extra level of elegance and air that you are looking for (but you have to own a good revealing audio setup to get the difference between the two models).

Let me finish as I started: these filters are THE BEST ACCESSORY I OWN IN ALMOST 30 YEARS of audio hobby.

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Christiaan posts yet another excellent review. Note that Antipodes servers are referenced.

Thanks @kennyb123 for that link. I have one of the MUON Pro filters arriving today as it so happens . . . . .