New K21 owner introduction

Hello to all. Just joined the Antipodes family. Coming from Innuos Mini with external power supply. It was down to Innuos Pulsar and K21 – I’m here.

Just barely unboxed the K21 and am playing radio. Still trying to figure out how to sign into Tidal from LMS…and I’m a tech guy. Haha. Innuos’s Sense app certainly makes it easier.

Look forward to learning from all of you.


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Hey Ken, welcome to the forum and family :slight_smile:

For Tidal, use the 3 Dot Menu and select Server, the look may vary depending on AMS version, but the idea is the same…

Manage Plug-ins

Tidal v1.5.1, ensure this plug-in is enabled, if you have any other Tidal plugins enabled, please dis-able all other Tidal plug-ins except v1.5.1

Tidal is in the Main drop-down menu

Add your account info, and remember to select HIRES and SAVE

Home screen, select Apps

Toggle View to desired look

Select 3 dot menu, click Pin to HomeScreen

Tidal on Homescreen