New K50 G4 - issue with 176.4Khz with my DAC

Just got my K50 G4 after upgrading from the G3.
My DAC does not have DSD support so Roon is down sampling to 176.4Khz.
Previously with the K50 I had no issue. But since I hooked up the G4, I’m getting a bad signal with 176.4Khz tracks, extremely noisy signal with hiss and clicks.
Any idea what could be the reason for that ? Asking to avoid servicing the unit.

  • nothing have changed other than that (same cable, same DAC, same Roon settings)

what input are you using from the k50 ?

What is the DAC please and how is it connected and do you have DSD support on the Solution Dashboard set to None

I did set the DSD to none, hence the down sampling to 176.4.
Im connected via RCA from the k50 to my YBA signature DAC using a Jorma digital cable.
Before the upgrade it was exactly the same connection.


Ok, an update. I had the USB cable connected in addition to the RCA.
Solution was set the digital output. But seems like the USB is effecting the RCA connection, removing the USB cable seems to sort it out.
But I will keep testing as I did hear a couple of hisses (vinyl like) in playback.

I wonder why the USB cable connected is causing it… I was hoping to switch between RCA and USB (I have another source with USB/DSD connection).