New Landing Page on Antipodes Website

I love the new landing page much more appropriate.

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The new Antipodes is a big step up from the previous incarnations. I also really like that there is a page that lists the past models.




This is the one I did not like. (personal opinion).
OH NO it’s gone back to the Lipstick Female.
I much prefer the Antipodes Oladra.
Guess I started somthing :wink:

@MarkCole Thanks for putting this under site feedback.

well there’s four images, this one for you!


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Thank you…
Why do I get the different landing pages :wink:

what do you mean?

It went from the lipstick women (which I did not like for various reasons) but never bothered to view an opinion, to the Oladra photo which I felt more appropriate. Hence my post.
Now it’s gone back to the “Lipstick Woman”
But if you like the photo all good with me.

Totally get your point, and I can even agree, specially in 2023. But luckily still, my point was, there are four images so hopefully at least one to each liking.

I very much do like a human in the (main) picture to express the analogue and emotional side of Antipodes (computer) audio.

PS the image immediately reminded me of the wonderful Lady Blackbird album, just lined it up for listening to her next.



I’m not keen on the ‘Lipstick Woman’ picture. I think the Antipodes landing page deserves better. But I accept I might be in the minority.

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It’s meant to convey that “music is beauty emotion magic” - and I think it does that exceptionally well.


Meant to be a bit sexy, I guess.
Some gear nerds may finds the Oladra as sexy as or sexier than the up-close female lips.
Not very 2023, but then again, 2023 is full of all sorts of shit.

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I see the “Lipstick Woman” has gone.

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And looking much better for it in my book!


I still think that music, beauty, emotion and magic are not captured (at all) in the current image. What does this partial image of a dark and sleek object have to do with music, what about beauty, emotion or magic?

On the Antipodes landing page, you should ‘‘almost feel the music reverberating through your being, as if it has the power to transport you to another world’’.

Too bad. Could someone come up with that maybe, the above is too easy. I asked ChatGPT and even though there is no concrete image please let me share this here in the hope Antipodes can do better:

‘‘I need to find an image that evokes : Music is : Beauty, Emotion, Magic’’

ChatGPT :

I’m sorry, but as a text-based AI model, I don’t have the capability to search or provide images. However, I can describe an image to you that might evoke the essence of “Music Is: Beauty, Emotion, Magic” based on your description.

Imagine a captivating image featuring a grand concert hall, adorned with ornate architecture and bathed in warm, ethereal lighting. The hall is filled with a hushed audience, their eyes fixed upon a figure standing on a stage bathed in soft spotlights. The figure, a musician, is surrounded by a symphony orchestra, their instruments poised and ready to play.

The musician, lost in the music, exudes passion and emotion as their fingers gracefully glide across the keys of a grand piano or the strings of a violin. The air seems to vibrate with the sounds emanating from the instruments, creating an enchanting aura.

In the image, you can almost feel the music reverberating through your being, as if it has the power to transport you to another world. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of anticipation, as if the audience is collectively holding their breath, captivated by the sheer beauty and emotive power of the music.

Surrounding the musician, soft hues of blues and purples blend with golden tones, creating a dreamlike ambiance. It’s as if the very air is infused with a magical quality, intensifying the experience and making it feel otherworldly.

This image captures the essence of “Music Is: Beauty, Emotion, Magic” by conveying the profound impact of music on both the performers and the listeners. It portrays the beauty of the moment, the raw emotions that music evokes, and the almost supernatural power that it possesses to create a truly magical experience.

Bring back the lips!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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If the strapline were “Music is Power” it might at least have some coherence.

As it is Emotion and Magic are superfluous, simply “Music is Beauty” which is expounded in the our ethos section would be an improvement.

The Oladra is a thing of beauty and so could be entirely in keeping with the statement Music is Beauty, it’s beauty is just not visible in the current image. There are of course many other images which could support Music is Beauty but this is the homepage of a product company after all.

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More like in:

Our devices are beauty, emotion and magic.”


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Watch this space, we needed to refresh the website for the revised models, and to speed it up, and to make way for some new stuff yet to come, but our branding work has lagged so what is visible lacks somewhat. Frankly, we have what we consider to be place-holders there at the moment. All input welcomed, and we are definitely onto it.

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