New user K30 Fuse Size

I have on order a K30 120 volt
As I run Synergistic Orange Fuses In the rest of my gear

I would like to know what the fuse size is in the K30, so I can
order the correct fuses for when the K30 arrives.


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The fuses we use are as below…

0001.2508 Shurter Fuses

I have a pair of 2.5 amp slow blow Blue fuses in my K30. They are the larger size though (1.25") as they were previously used in my amplifier. A nice thing about the fuse holder in the K30 is that it supports both sizes of fuse.

Thanks Guys.

So they are 2.5 amp slow blow, 5mm x 20mm
I will call my dealer later today and order them.


Hi BrianT,
Did the SR Orange fuse upgrade for the K30 give any advantage , soundwise?
Did you have a chance to compare? what changed?
I am debating if it’s worth it.


Sorry to tell you, that I can not answer that question.
Before the K30 arrived, I switched the fuses in my VR and DAC-1
to SR Purple fuses and had 2 Purple fuses ready for when the K30 came in.
When it arrived I immediately put the Purple fues in, and never tried it with the stock fuses.

I will tell you switching the Orange to Purple on the VR gave better stage placement.

As the fuses come with a 30 day trial, you should risk it for yourself, nothing to lose only $$$

Lets us know Brian

Hi Brian,
Thank you for your reply, I appreciate.