New user the Antipodes - Edge

Is it possible to mount a external USB drive to a USB port on the back of the Edge?


Yes, it is possible, best if the USB is formatted as exFat.
What AMS software is the Edge running??
Are you wanting to use this for playback or music transfer?
Copying across the network is generally regarded as the easiest way to move files to the server.
Local playback ie. installed SSD storage is the best place for music playback sound quality.

To attach a external USB, you need to power down the Antipodes, attach the USB, then re-start, launch File Manager and wait for it to scan, depending on the size and speed of USB this can take some time.

Thank you for the reply that helps a lot! Used mainly for occasional music playback.

Another question - Before powering the system up I install a 1TB ssd. The information on installing a internal storage device seems different than what my GUI displays, and in “Local Storage” screen shows Size 30G, Used 7.5G and Available 21G.

How do I get it to recognize my actual drive?

Again- Thank You for the Help!

Please advise what version of AMS software is on the device please.
You use Storage Manager to add a disc, this is depending on what software is running on the device.

The version current is Version: 2.5 Model: D2

Thank You

OK, your software is long out of date, and no longer supported.
Our current software version is AMSv4.1
You will need to book an appointment for software upgrade here…

WOW - That’s awesome! Scheduled for tomorrow evening.

Thanks Again!!!