‘No music servers found on your network”

After a short power yesterday cut I get this message when i try to connect to my K50. “No music servers found on your network”.

I have tried restarting from the front button, shutting down completely and power off from back switch then restart but still it remains undiscoverable.

@MarkCole anything i should be trying / doing?

Thanks, Nick

Fing is an iOS app that can show you all the devices on your network. That’s a good place to start. If the scan doesn’t turn it up, it’s likely a physical networking issue. Make sure the light is blinking on the Ethernet jack on the back of the K50 then work backwards to your internet router and maybe reboot any switches in the path.


Kenny, Thanks for reminding me that it might not be the K50!! With the help of fing I traced the problem to an optical link between two of the switches on my network. All now working and connected.

Never assume anything!!!


Had I known you had an optical link, I would have directed you there. That’s what glitches in my network after a power outage. Glad you got it sorted.


Advanced IP Scanner is also a good tool.

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